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Monday, December 26, 2005

Podcasting ideas

Just because you can, doesn't necessarily mean you should... But with podcasting, it's hard to think of too many reasons why churches shouldn't be leading the way.

So I've been thinking about podcasting recently... and have decided that we probably need TWO Podcasts. I'm still working this through, but here's what I'm working on:

The first podcast is a no-brainer. An mp3 audio file with a feed you can subscribe to of Sunday's sermon/message/talk. Not too hard to put together, really: a simple opener with music, maybe a closing comment, and the talk in between. Kind of a traditional church "tape" ministry online, downloadable and free. But the second podcast is more of a brainer. The whole podcast thing is a new communication tool in many ways, and I believe that we're just beginning to see its potential for ministry - beyond the Sunday message... something that communicates something more, something with extra stuff added!

But this podcast would be caffeinated. It would have extra stuff. It would include more than one person talking. It would have conversations and include more variety. So here are some creative ideas that I'm working on for that 2nd podcast. Feel free to use them in your church, add to them, and let me know how things go!

Some creative podcasting ideas:
  • Record the 2nd podcast on Monday morning with staff or team members. Expand on Sunday's message toghether, talk about wins from the weekend, stories, etc.
  • Include interviews. Interview people who made decisions on Sunday, people who know a lot about the topic, or just people who couldn't be available on Sunday morning. Maybe a celebrity or pastor from another church? Skype could come in handy, here.
  • Include stories related to your series in an NPR documentary/commentary style. Follow someone's journey as they deal with the issue in real life.
  • Create special, themed shows about your current series or with stuff to help your members reach out to unchurched friends (like a discussion about "The DaVinci Code" or God & hurricanes, or something). Holidays could make for great themed podcasts.
  • Include ads/teasers for next Sunday or the next series. This could be cool, well produced audio ads or simply you talking about why you're excited about what's ahead.
  • Include "inside" behind the scenes stuff about what's cooking with your church.
  • Feature a staff member and/or have a different staff member host the podcast each week.
  • Do a podcast series that deals with each of your church's values.
  • Unveil a new song or big announcement on this podcast. Promote it that way: "Listen to this week's (whatever) podcast for a big annoucement!" Let it be where you announce/unveil first.
  • For those who need the weekly jumpstart, or encouragement read a chapter of Scripture each week, between "commercials" or segments.
  • Include a segment that helps people memorize a verse of Scripture. Work it through with your team out loud, each week. Award the team members who can quote it the fastest with a candy bar or apple or something. Have them compete on one week to see who can get the most people to quote the verse from memory, and have them bring their list. Read the names of the people from the lists. Ok, there is all kinds of fun potential here...
  • Give people a "peek" at a creative brainstorming session of your team. Record and edit, of course...
  • Add a quick, "What's Happening This Week" segment, like an audio bulletin board.
  • Create a "Vision Casting" podcast.
  • Do a podcast in a public place. Interview people on the street or in the coffee shop. Ask questions related to your current series. Use audioblogger for that live, "on the street" feel.
  • Add a third, "5 minute" weekly podcast with a separate feed that counts down to an event or emphasis with the latest news, motivators and people stories.
  • At the end of a sermon series, do a "best of" podcast that includes some of the best moments or lines from the series.
  • Allow people to hear you interact with your staff and other people on the podcast. Create an atmosphere that provides opportunities for laughter. Inside jokes become community jokes.
  • Don't do the same thing every week. Hey, if it applies to the weekend worship service, why not your podcast?

Both podcasts should become a part of your church's communication strategy quintet: podcast, blog, email, website & print. Make it part of your culture. Make it something that people don't want to miss, that they look forward to, and tell people about. Before long, it could even become another hook in the water for reaching new people for Christ and your church.

Read more HERE.

(HT: Johnny Leckie via Blogging Church)


Blogger NerdMom said...

For those of us with little kids who seem to get sick all the time, when will we get this? Podcasting would be a great solution for those Sundays we miss. If we miss a couple in a row we feel very out of the loop. This would be great!

December 27, 2005 8:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be awesome to have the sermon series on Podcast. I just downloaded a whole series about managing your finances from Sandals Church (Riverside, Ca). They had a link that took you straight to the podcast and all you had to do was click. Best of all, it was free. Not only would this be a great way to catch up or review what Pastor Jan taught, but I think that it would be a great way for the youth (especially teens) to perhaps catch a sermon or two on their iPod without hassling with a CD.

January 05, 2006 11:56 PM

Blogger Anne Berkowitz said...

Hey you are really on to something here! It opens up all kinds of opportunities to share Jesus! I would love it if you could include the worship! New Cov shines in worship and Jesus is exhalted with the excellent musicianship! Yes, I know, I am the wife of one of the musicians, but I would love to see the worship added to the podcast! I agree with anonymous that the youth really would benfit from regularly catching the sermons every week! Then of course we have the video ipod. . . GO PAT!

January 08, 2006 9:57 PM

Blogger Johnny Leckie said...

Hi, Pat!

Thanks for referencing and linking to the podcasting ideas! I hope they've been helpful.

Have you guys been able to implement any of them, by any chance?


March 20, 2006 8:04 PM


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