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Friday, January 05, 2007

TBB - The Year in Pictures

It's been quite a year. It's hard to believe another one has gone by. It seems like New Years 2006 came about a month ago.

Anyway, here's what happened in '06...

  • Rang in the new year with our friends, the Wolfs, Sailors, Chamberlins, Gallaghers, and Ragsdales.

  • Went to the Re:create Conference. If you are a Worship Pastor, Worship Leader, Arts Pastor, Creative Director... whatever... this conference is for you. Last year was pretty incredible (Barb Nicolosi, Paul Baloche, Aaron Shust, the XXX Church guys). Don't miss it this year. It's coming up in February - Feb. 5-8. In the past, it has only been for large churches, but this year, it's for churches of all sizes. Click on the link NOW and sign up for re:create!

  • I turned 40... yikes! Had a great party with many friends. One of the highlights was my friend, Bob, and his band played.

  • Annual guy's camp trip with my oldest son (the littlest blonde boy joins us next year). Our "usual" spot, Lake Edison, was snowed in, so we camped at the Hume Lake Campground. The porcelain toilets were a definite plus (but we caught no fish).
  • A few weeks later I went down to the Saddleback Worship conference where I caught up with the Ragamuffin Soul man, Carlos Whittaker.

  • After returning from the Saddleback Conference, we set up for (on the newly poured blacktop in 100 degree heat) and did our 4th of July show at New Covenant, complete with a firework show.
  • Vacationed at the coast with our good friends.
  • Also, welcomed my twin niece and nephew - Mercer Rose and Hudson Patrick - into the world.

  • Vacationed at the Lake house on Lake Arrowhead. Very relaxing. Chase got up on skis for the first time (check it out HERE)... then we broke the boat. But we ended up with an awesome VIDEO.
  • My dad got baptized.
  • My friend Bob - the one from my party - passed away.

  • Back to school for the Two Blonde Boys. One started kindergarten (and lost his first tooth!), the other Jr. High!
  • I went on the annual houseboat trip on Lake Don Pedro with my brothers from San Jose.

  • Oldest blonde boy became a teenager (complete with a limo ride to the party, courtesy of Aunt Dawn and Aunt Maria).
  • Halloween party at the Wolfs! We dressed up like the Pink Ladies and the biker dudes (or the guys who happened to be with the pink ladies while wearing leather jackets).

  • Went to the Drive Conference at North Point Church in Alpharetta, GA, as a guest of my buddy, Reg. We had a great time (and ate some great food!) Came home and did an off-site Celebration Service that was a great time and really rocked.
  • Littlest blonde boy turned 6.

  • Our littlest blonde boy was in his first Christmas show (with a speaking part, no less). Cute!
  • Then we did 4 Christmas services and 4 Christmas Eve services. I was ready for some vacation!

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Blogger NerdMom said...

Everyone knows that Pink Ladies are only allowed to date T-Birds (Thunderbirds). Is it obvious that I have seen both Grease movies many times;)?

January 06, 2007 8:06 PM


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